Hey, I am Lydia Ferber.

A mom who is passionate about all things motherhood, birth and capturing life stories.

I am all about documenting those real life moments and embracing who you are. Nobody is perfect, so I don't waste time forcing smiles, and kids to "behave". Parenthood is messy, raw, crazy and sometimes loud, so I feel strongly that it needs to be captured just how it is.

If you feel just as strongly about capturing all that makes up your world, lets chat!

More of my story:

My Photography journey started way back in 2007 when I joined our high school yearbook committee. I followed direction and quickly became in charge of designing the layouts and head of photography. I carried that little point and shoot around with me everywhere I went, because even back then capturing every little memory I possibly could meant everything to me. Junior year I was finally allowed in our tiny dark room where my love flouished. I soent every second I could learning how to shoot on film and develop it like a pro. Covered in devolper, I knew this was for me. In 2010 I started attending Oakbridge Academy of Art where I spent the next 2 years perfecting this craft with many skilled Instructors. I was presented the opportunity to travel abroad to Scotland, Ireland and Paris with my camera in hand. My internship was fulfilled with Bella Baby Photography, where I spent 10 weeks photographing newborn babies in 5 different hospitals around the Pittsburgh area. I continued to work there even once my internship ended, and graduated college with a 4.0 and perfect attendance. Shortly after graduation I moved north of Pittsburgh and continued to tell stories and help countless babies. Fast forward to 2016, I welcomed my little lady earthside and the desire to capture childhood and motherhood grew to its peak and has never died down. When we are young, some dream of what they will be when they grow up while other struggle to find where they belong. I struggled for a while, but now I know my reason, and that is to capture this crazy life we all lead. Raw moments that turn into precious memores.



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